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"Als ich sechs Jahre alt war, sah ich einmal in einem Buch über den Urwald ein prächtiges Bild. Es stellte eine
Riesenschlange dar, die ein Wildtier verschlungen hatte. Ich habe damals viel über die Abenteuer des Dschungels
nachgedacht und vollendete mit einem Farbstift meine erste Zeichnung. Sie sah so aus:
Pilot zeigt dem Publikum das Bild von der Riesenschlange
Ich habe den großen Leuten mein Meisterwerk gezeigt – so wie Ihnen jetzt – und sie gefragt, ob ihnen meine
Zeichnung nicht Angst mache. Sie haben nur geantwortet: „Warum sollen wir vor einem Hut Angst haben?“ (Stimme
aus dem Hintergrund)
Mein Zeichnung stellte aber keinen Hut dar, sondern eine Riesenschlange, die einen Elefanten verdaut. Ich habe dann
das Innere der Boa gezeichnet, um es den großen Leuten zu verdeutlichen. Sie brauchen ja immer Erklärungen. Hier
meine Zeichnung Nummer 2:
Pilot zeigt dem Publikum das Bild vom Elefanten im Inneren der Schlange
Die großen Leute haben mir geraten, mit den Zeichnungen von offenen oder geschlossenen Riesenschlangen
aufzuhören und mich mehr für Geografie, Geschichte, Rechnen und Grammatik zu interessieren. So kam es, dass ich
eine großartige Laufbahn als Maler bereits mit sechs Jahren aufgab.. "

Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

[Lets’s play] Real Life by 2,014K Games


[Lets’s play] Real Life by 2,014K Games

Hey guys.
Welcome to my first “let’s play” episode and my first English video in general!
Notice, it is really my first ‘let’s play’ and – I never watched one before, but I heard about these videos – and they fill up my whole screen every time when I log in to youtube.
A wonder that my screen did’n brick in the past.
Thank you for watching, sorry, thanks for listening.
Normally, “let’s plays” show the game play while being discussed.
The only problem is: This game can only be played one time!
Next time I should capture with FRAPS or Camtasia Studio. But there is no next time.
No possibility for restart. No way. No chance.
The biological ingenieur crew around XForce is already working on a fix but it takes time.
I’ ve done this game in 60 years but the game time depends on the player’s way of gaming.
The graphics engine is called RealEngine 3 and looks very creepy to me. Missing Saturation and contrasts.
But the idea, the content, the variety of the game makes it brilliant and exciting at all points.
Yeah. It is … like a fusion of – Sims and Grand Theft Auto!
You have a very free game play and can nearly everything you want.

The game “Real Life” starts with the birth of a human. There is an algorithm that decides where you are born, which predestination and which skills you are going to develop at later time.
You can play with children in the kindergarden and with teens in the later college.
Already in the first years of playing you can make many free decisions. You are convicted to decide between many ways.
You have the choice if you wanna go to partys, if you wanna play football, if you wanna play with puppets, if you wanna wear pink clothes – or not.
This game is a role play as you have noticed. The role plays most strategic I’ve ever seen.
(I never played a role play before.)
In the role play “Real Life” you always have to think about the effects and the consequences of the things you do, all the actions, and – even your thoughts.
For example: In the game, you make your character go out of the house and he falls down on the street. In the game, there pops ups a menu where you can choose how the character should handle with this accident. Should he become aggressive? Should he become sad?
It is like tetris. The word “how” is important. How to rotate the blocks. How to rotate the compass of emotions.
You have the choice to visit a party or not.
Make your character visit the party. There you meet many programmed bots.
So. They dance crazyily, they drink a special liquid that is very expensive and destroys your body and they wear a special type of clothes.  In the game, if you make your character go to such an event, you might have free options. But it is a little difficult.
You recognize many equal common grounds. The consumation of the special water for example. The bots’ behavior. By the way, these bots appear while the whole game very often but for example at such a party you can find a high concentration of uniformity and equality.
In the gaming scene experts call these phenomena of equal bots society.
The bots restrict the freedom and the liberty of your character you play.
I told a little bit about thoughts. There appears a similar thing in the game play.
The game’s producer calls it emotions. A very tricky part of the game.
Decisions. You have to keep in mind that except the character’s thoughts there insist these emotions. A few time ago, the example where the character falls down, where you have the decision how to react towards this accident. You can let your character go crazy about it, happy that nothing worse happened or sad by noticing being such a fool, such an idiot that he falls down on the street. In combination with bots the situation would turn quite more complicated! Of course!
Freedom. Free thinking, free feeling, free doing.
There is a shitty thing in this case.
If you have no luck, the algorithm at the beginning at the game, in the first years determinates your character in such a way that there are less options and decisions to do.
 The possibility to recognize the freedom and all the free options in the life of your character depends on the effect of the entire algorithm on your character.
In the game, there a many free ways to go. It is just a question which ways you recognize and finally go, to the end.
For example, in the game you can bring your character to bed and watches his dreams. Money, women, cars, laughing, fun, fear. You have no influence on the dreams of your character. They are generated out of your play. They concentrate all the things that occupy your character, things that are important for him, strong feelings that torture your character.
You can navigate this by indirectly. Make your character go to the park. There make him sit 2 hours on a bench. I am sure that the character fixes at this time his inner problems by having found a solution. Than, the generated dream stops being a tragedy. You see. It is at you how you connect and work with inner ideas, feelings and thoughts. How to handle the world, the outside of your character’s body.
The game “Real Life” is a very big sandbox with multiple tools.
The game has no own story. You have to build up the story on your own.
You have tools. Thoughts and Emotions. By expressing these things to the outer world the story is going to be written. The bots read your stories and give feedback.
You sing a song. The bots like it or hate it. Good or negative feedback.
How to react to the feedback. Working with feedbacks. Very complicated affair.
But in the game, do not set the focus only on your character. Till yet, it seems that the game just is about your character. The bots. They may restrict your freedom and decisions. Me personally, I think that isn’t very nice. BUT! It is very great to read the stories of the other bots, the personal stories which are a mirror of their own. Share stories. Share feelings, share ideas, resolve problems. Develop new ideas. The idea of inner things like thoughts and emotions that only can be made visible by stories. Be sure not only to read a story, get the message and understand it!
The invisible state of the inner things is called psychology in the scene.
Pay attention! It is much interpretation like in school. So there are many possible interpretations and many motives, reasons why a bot makes party every weekend!
Why does he do that? How does he feel by doing it? How did he get the idea to doing it?
In the game, there already exist a couple of cheats for, you can actually cheat.
It is much fun. You can beat bots to see the reactions. You can mock on them to see when they start to cry. Making experiments with bots’ feelings is very interesting.
So have not to share the feelings, you easily can hack them.
You can wear masks, can play a different role to do much funny things.
By the right clothes, the right speech, the right actions, but with censored thoughts, you can write stories – stories – everybody want to read – stories you get very good feedback for.
Be a doctor, get money. Make popular bullshit, just enjoy compliments or – even be an angel, get real love.  
This seems many attractive but I hope the fix this bug quickly.
One time I exploited this bug and stole chewing gum. Later I became sad because of this imagination: The chief of the supermarket counts the money and compares it to the sold wares. The young woman is going to be insulted to make a failure. The chief shouts at her and makes her feel very bad. Sad story, isn’ it?  Stupid bug. Really…
Do not lead you into temptation.
Sad. Sadness. Emotions. These things, which are consequences of your way playing the game, control the game time.  The emotions and the thoughts too, also the actions.
Care about the physical and psychological healthy of your character. In the next step care for the bots. Find out which feelings, which thoughts, which actions are good for your character and to the others. Not only in one moment. Maybe for a longer time?
What gives power. What provokes fear. Keep all components in mind. You, the bots and – the rest of the world?
I am sure the game had be played longer than 60 years.

I do not know what you have in your mind at this moment.
But I’m happy that this was just a game. Imagine this fictional game become reality?
A bad dream.

The game is not fitting for sensual beings with many emotions.
I had could cry many times while playing while seeing the sadness in my character and the bots . At first I did’n know what could be the right options to chose - but I learned. Not enough but a little  bit.  So.
I am sure that you will play a better game than me.
Maybe I could tell a little bit about the secrets of the game.
In my opinion, the message of the game is:
Think about your plans, wishes, your ideas, your dreams, check them, proof them, keep, thinking, fight for your dreams. It is your life. A present. Maybe a present for the world? With the lovely good intention – that you- that you –change the world – make it better. You are not alone. Pay attention, life time is limited. But that does not mean to live faster or to do much crazy shit. Maybe do one thing a life time but with a very great effect?
I do not know what is right. Do you?J

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